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  Luoyang Shining Induction-Heating Co., Ltd locates in the famous equipment manufacturing base and history & culture city of China----Luoyang. It's a very famous enterprise of China Heat-Treatment Association. .The company have more than 50  experts ,engineers and artificers.The products include: types of the numerical control hardening machine, complex inductors,heating power supply , transformer and automatic induction heating product line .The main customers cover with automobile industry, tractor industry, moto-cycle industry , mechanical engineering machine industry, mechanical mechanical engineering mine industry , metallurgy industry, wind power industry etc. The main inland  customers are the famous enterprises such as FAW Group, FAW-Volkswogen Co., DaZhong Group, QiRui Group,WanXiang Group ,Caterpillar ,Saginaw Lingyun drive shaft Co.,ltd and the First Tractor Group etc,and some of their production have been exported to Japan, Italy ,Australia, Brazil etc.

  Luoyang Shining Induction-Heating Co., Ltd is the support company of the luoyang induction heating technical researching center .

  The company is the agent of Fluxtrol MFG Inc. USA.

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